Overhead cranes!

Six months ago we moved to our current facility te Ruurlo (NL)
Main reasons were the need for more space, and the possibility to install overhead cranes.

At the time of moving, we were also working on several projects which made us to postpone our internal projects.
In the mean time we have installed a new electrical system in our workshops, expanded our offices, paved and fenced most of our outside storing areas and…..placed overheadcranes.

Well, at least one of them. A single girder from Abus Cranesystems with a capacity of 3.2 Tons. Subsequently we’re working on the steel structures for the new 20T crane, soon more info! This 20T crane shall be used for the installation of technical installations, whether or not on skids or containerized (technical containers), but also for overhauling rotating equipment, such as gasturbines, gearboxes, compressors and more!

Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us (without obligation).