The yearly company emergency officer training

On Wednesday February 27 our yearly company emergency officer training took place, organized by Everink Brandbeveiliging. During the training a lot of practical examples were braught up that apply to our branche. How to react to/with accidents, fire fighting and resuscitation. After the theory in the morning, it was time to put the knowledge into...
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On the way to Australia

For a client specialized in waste treatment installations, ECLON fabricated several parts such as composting tunnel doors (6×6 meter), lifting installations for handling and several frames and parts. A great mix of metalworking (for example welding of carbonsteel, stainless steel and aluminium), assembly and hydraulics. Would you like to know more? Are you interested in...
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Course day at ECLON

With a number of certificates which would not be valid anymore, ECLON organised an internal course day. In our workshop the following courses were given to our employees: Forklift truck Safe lifting (overhead crane) Skylift After a day full of the following courses with instructors of NoRisk, we are proud to announce that all of...
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Adjusted opening hours during holidays

The office and workshop are closed during the holidays (week 52 and 1). If you want to contact us during the holidays, get in touch via the contact form on the contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Is there something ECLON can do for you during the holidays? Do not hesitate...
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ECLON Projects in Africa

One of our site managers is currently working on a project in Ghana. With this project, ECLON has been active on the following five out of seven continents: Europe Asia North America South America Africa We are also fabricating various parts for a customer in waste treatment. These parts will be shipped to Australia and...
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