Gas skid and piping

ECLON Projects awarded the fabrication and delivery of one gas fuel skid including interconnecting piping. All piping is executed according to ASME B31.3 and has been CE-marked according to PED (2014/68/EU Cat. II). MDR (manufacturer data record) including material certificates, weld registration, inspection- and test plans, NDO- and hydrotest reports. Our client will install the...
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Audits ISO and SCC

Last month audits took place in order to check whether ECLON is still working according to the guidelines of ISO 9001 and SCC Petrochemicals. Safety and quality are of the utmost importance to ECLON, so we are glad to announce we had a positive review. The certificates can be found under Downloads.
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The crossing to England

Earlier on this website we mentioned the fabrication of two container installations, as a part of a waste treatment installation. This month it was time for two colleagues to travel to England, after the containers already arrived at the designated location. They were on site to install the containers. Fully equipped mechanics The trip was...
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Company emergency officers at ECLON

Thursday March 29 five employees of ECLON followed a course focussed on accidents at work, organised by Everink Brandbeveiliging. During the day they were taught how to react to/with accidents, fire fighting and resuscitation. After the theory was taught, it was time to put the knowledge into practice as you can see on the pictures....
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Cold weather

By now the forecast for the weather is becoming warmer again, but the past few feeks have been cold here in the Netherlands. Temperatures below freezing, with a cold wind. What made it happen? A cold air stream from Siberia, nicknamed “the Russian Bear” by the Dutch media. But while here the temperatures were just...
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