Last two months we had some very nice rotating equipment projects going on.
Both planned and unplanned (urgent) projects.

For a German customer we have provided mechanical support (engineers) to do inspection/maintenance on two SGT700 gasturbines.

A Dutch customer called us on Sunday after a tripped axial compressor, for assistance on Monday morning 0700. For this customer we also provided (planned) mechanical engineers on another project location for an screw compressor and gearbox overhaul.

Last but not least we have provided a fully equipped mechanical team (consist of one supervisor, three engineers, one toolcontainer and one lifting container) after a SGT600 gasturbine trip. For this project we have fabricated some special tools such as transport- and storage frames for specific rotating equipment parts.

Our workers and equipment, such as tool- and lifting containers are ready to go, if not on a project. In most cases we are able to deliver on-site support within 24H in the Netherlands and surrounding countries such as Germany and Belgium. More information? Please feel free to contact us.