Projects the past months

The past few months we have been busy with the following projects.

In the workshop ECLON has fabricated parts for a composting installation. These were then packed into a container and shipped to Canada. The coming months a team of ECLON will carry out installation work for a waste treatment plant. Work such as placement of skids, air ducts and more. Further information (and pictures) will follow the coming months!

A different client had a demand for extra manpower overhauling an industrial compressor. Therefore ECLON mobilised a mechanic, which helped out the remainder of the project. This way, the client was able to meet their schedule.

In Germany and Hungary ECLON has contributed to the installation of Siemens gasturbines.

  • In Hungary ECLON supervised the electrical installation of a SGT800, such as connecting the control room, field cabling and testing of the field cabling.
  • In Germany ECLON supervised the mechanical installation of a SGT800, such as construction work, installation of auxiliary equipment and alignment of the turbine.

The coming months we’re happy to work on several interesting projects! Such as the forementioned installation work on behalf of the waste treatment plant, but also overhauls of rotating equipment and gasturbine installation projects in Germany. So be sure to check in on our website and socials for updates!