Installation, maintenance and revisions

Rotating equipment

Gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors. The specialists of ECLON Projects work on several kinds of rotating equipment worldwide. We can set up a project team depending on your wishes, if need be fully equipped and deployable anywhere. Think about work such as installation, maintenance and revision.

Deployable worldwide

Specialistic knowledge

Specialistic knowledge, deployable worldwide. ECLON Projects has experience with various kind of activities and is brand independent. From a complete installation or revision till just a single person as support for your team, ECLON can provide it.

Safety, quality and flexibility

Core values

We spend a lot of time into safety and quality, which results in the usage of comprehensive safety- and quality systems. With these systems, ECLON meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and SCC Petrochemicals. This contributes to the quality of the work delivered and safety during our activities. Furthermore, our employees are set up for various kinds of activities so we are able to offer a high rate of flexibility.

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