Installation of gas turbines

On this moment we are working on 3 seperate installation projects in Germany, working on the same type of gas turbine but in four different roles:

  1. Electrical technical field advisor
    Our electrical technical field advisor supervises the electrical installation of the gas turbine. Connecting the control room, field cabling and testing of the field cabling.
  2. Mechanical technical field advisor
    Our mechanical technical field advisor supervises the mechanical installation of two gas turbines. His work consists of supervising construction work, installation of auxiliary equipment and alignment of the gas turbine.
  3. Mechanical work
    There are several mechanical activities including certified welding based on and around the gas turbine, based on punchlist from the project management. Our mechanics are working towards mechanical complete.
  4. Electrical work
    Electrical work in the control room, such as new wiring and exchange of electrical equipment according to the punchlist.

A diversity of functions, all working on the same type of gas turbine on different locations in Germany.

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