ECLON Corporate movie

Finally there. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what your company actually does. Especially because our worldwide workfield and often a prohibition applies for taking pictures and videos for own use.

Nevertheless we have made a nice video together with the help of our employees and customers, with the goal to display our activities and possibilities.
With our two expertises, namely Gasturbines (installation/maintenance) and Technical installations (fabrication/installation) we mainly serve the industrial sector.

Because of our good capabilities, our team with experienced field service engineers (mechanical and electrical), our two workshops (metalworks and assembly) we’re able to execute projects in different sectors. We maintain gasturbines, building (bio)gas systems, work with recycling installations, overhaul valves, fabricating piping and small structures, supervise work as technical field advisors at large industrial plants and many more.

Interested in our possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us.